Golden Deed Awards

Please help us select the 2014 recipient of the prestigious Golden Deed Award. In the box below, please give us your name, your email address, your phone number, and the name of the person you would like to nominate for the Award. Also, please let us know why you think the person should receive the award. We sincerely appreciate your help!
Past Recipients of the Golden Deed Award

1963 Wendell Siebert

1964 Henry Pullman
H.L. King
Bob Perkins
Tom Wilson
Dr. T.E. Payne
Marene Johnson
Dr. J.H. Caton
Parks Poe
C.W. Hoffmann, Sr.
Victor Cornelius

1965 M.L. Keasler
Frank Sayre
J.M. Cooper
James Reid
Emily Perkins
M.H. Perry

1966 Mrs. Don Russell
Mrs. James Horton
Mrs. D. Kinnaird, Sr.
Jack W. Frost, Atty.
Don Viergever
Ben Hamner
T.M. Fullen
Bernard Hanna
Virgil Seaberry, Jr Atty
Judge Cecil Collins
James K. Smith

1967 Mrs. Harold Durham
J.T. Gregory

1968 Jay Staggs
H.V. O’Brien

1969 Frank Deaton

1970 Frank Crowell
Ray Laney
Willie Speaker

1971 Willard Griffin
Charles Freyschlag
Judge Clyde Grissom

1972 Ben McKinnis
Morris Jones

1973 Grover Hallmark
Jeff Glazner

1974 Richard Johnson
Walter J. Stone

1975 Mrs. Nancy Childress

1976 Dr. H.J. Bulgerin
Dr. B.B. Alexander
Dr. M.A. Treadwell

1977 Lewis Tiner
James T. Wright
R.M. Sneed (P)

1978 Johnnie W. Morren
Ed H. Sargent

1979 Jim R. Wright, Atty.
Dale Bakker

1980 Emmett Lasater
Ima Ruth Taylor

1981 Don Martin

1982 Charlie Marshall

1983 Don Bradshaw
Don Nicholas

1984 Earl Conner, Jr., Judge
Verna Faye Johnson

1985 Earl Bradley, Jr.

1986 Larry Smith

1987 Ray Pruitt
Steve Haines

1988 Mary Anne McCloud

1989 Doyle Maxwell

1990 Roy Smith
Phillip Arther

1991 Terry Edwards

1992 Gary Montgomery

1993 Mike Kiser

1994 C.W. Hoffmann, Jr.

1995 James Fullen

1996 Norman Whitfield

1997 Tommy Warford

1998 Dan Staggs

1999 Nettie Wilson
Loretta Bulgerin

2000 Mike Perry
Downs Seaberry

2001 Jerry Mathews

2002 Dale Squires

2003 Norman Owen
Keith Watkins

2004 Roy Swift

2005 Jim and Leslie Keffer

2006 E.T. & Maria Bradley
Bill & Mable Bradley
Cathi Ball
Norm Logan

2007 Jim Farrar
Mark Pipkin

2008 Don Wilson
Donald Hughes

2009 Richard Rossander

2010 Larry Vernon

2011 Pam Rose

2012 Greg Simmons (P)

2013 Billye Bradley
Carolyn White
Doug “Duffy” White, Jr.

(P) denotes Posthumous award